Finding Donald Duck on Disney’s Castaway Cay

In January of 2015 we embarked on our first Disney Cruise to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary. You can read all about our cruise adventure here. As part of the package, we made our one and only visit to Disney’s Castaway Cay.

It was a bit of a rainy day but we made the best of it and went ashore to explore the island.

View of the shore from our ship

Looking down as we docked you can see the shore staff preparing to secure the vessel.

View of our ship from the shore

It was fun to take pictures of the Disney Wonder from different angles. This was the closest to the outside of the ship we could get at any time during the voyage.

Which way, which way?

Now that we were on the island, what would we do? Where would we go? And who would we see?

Is that Sailor uniform regulation?

Donald Duck! I guess he got a little shore leave while the ship was moored at the dock and decided to take a stroll among the passengers.

Attractions, food and beverage, merchandise, and this and that. We didn’t get to do too much on Castaway Cay as we got rained out quite soon after disembarking. But at least we got to see Donald, right?

Almost time to leave

So it was back on board for the final leg of our journey. But just before we headed to the dining room for our evening meal, look who else we met:

Captain Mickey

Now I think that uniform was regulation! Ahoy there! It be time to end the post.

FUN FACT: The Disney Wonder underwent extensive renovations from September 9 to October 23, 2016, in Cadiz, Spain.

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