Welcome to Disleelandia! As a Disney fan, you may recall that Walt had planned a series of  small dioramas that would travel from city to city by rail car. That show was to be called: Disneylandia. It never came to pass, and instead we had to settle for a different idea called Disneyland! Oh well, maybe that turned out for the best! 

Dis-LEE-landia (because my first name is Lee) is inspired by this original idea and so supplies a series of small posts designed to bring information and happiness through coverage of the Shorts, movies, Parks, and merchandise that the Disney company has released over the years. And you don’t even have to visit a railway yard to see it. Just click and save to your favorites (please!)

And because so many aren’t Disney fans only, Disleelandia will feature other interesting Intellectual Property’s (or IP’s) as well. And some weird-ish stuff (but not too weird!) So to all of you who have come to this website, “Welcome!” and thank you for visiting!

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