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Disney Photography Tips

Ever wonder just how to get those fabulous pics at Disney? Well, sit back and check out these tips to get great photos on your Disney vacation. We all like to get our pictures taken with Disney characters! But with … Continue reading

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Green Lantern’s Coupling

Tradespeople are heroes too. Don’t believe me? What about the last time a plumber showed up to unplug your toilet one hour before that big party you’d been planning for weeks? Come on: You felt like carrying that guy around … Continue reading

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Classic Movie References in Disney Movies

Disney filmmakers are notorious for slipping old movie references, in-jokes, and running gags into their projects. Most times even the avid viewer would never pick up on them, especially the younger ones, nor would the casual movie-goer. So this post … Continue reading

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Zorro Cape and Mask

Back in the 1950’s everyone wanted to be Davy Crockett. But it wasn’t too long after that when everyone changed their minds and Zorro was the character and hero of choice! I have a few original pieces of Zorro merchandise … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Mickey Mouse Club Scrapbook – SSE

M – I – C (“See what’s in this post!”) K – E – Y (“Why? Because I need the blog traffic!”) P – L – U – G – Geeeeeeeeee! OK, that last line had one too many capital … Continue reading

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Top 5 Disney Characters Stuck in Time

Every Disney character embarks on a journey of personal discovery and change. None are the same at the end of their movie. Usually the character is stronger and better for the effort, and we cheer when we see the ‘New … Continue reading

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Disney Cruise Wine Selection

Our first (and only) Disney Cruise didn’t turn out the way we had hoped. And we are unlikely to ever shell out the serious cash to take one again. But there were highlights to the adventure! One was the booze. … Continue reading

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Walt Disney Presents: That Darn Cat

Disney made many very good live-action films in the 1960’s and 70’s, all of which starred a dependable group of performers. That Darn Cat featured Hayley Mills and Dean Jones, both of which starred in multiple Disney comedies. This book, … Continue reading

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Canada’s Wonderland: Merchandise

Canada’s Wonderland doesn’t have the extensive shopping opportunities of a Disney park, but it doesn’t really need to. With so many thrill rides to fill a visitors time, who is going to want to spend time spending more money? Well, … Continue reading

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Family Adventure – Museums

Today I’d like to welcome you on a visit to one of my favorite museums that your family needs to visit: THE   HENRY   FORD My wife and I first visited this museum in 2007. At the time, we were … Continue reading

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